Story Theatre Company

photography, 2017

“Not a sound in the room as the teller signs her story and teaches small hands to sign the alphabet and a nursery rhyme. The children are rapt.”

Elementary school teacher Christine Dunsmoor describes a visit from Story Theatre Company, which weaves American Sign Language (ASL) and audience interaction into their stories. Story Theatre Company travels in small groups, bringing live theatre and storytelling to communities throughout BC. Folk tales, fables, classic literature, and new commissions from Canadian playwrights.

Our longtime collaborator Marianne Unger was leading the graphic design for the non-profit company, and brought Rocketday in to build a new website. Working with Marianne’s visual tone, Rocketday designed and constructed a customized site that helped teachers book a visit, showed kids a map of the tour bus, and hosted a database of the last 20 years of programming.

website development, 2017–2020

graphic design lead Marianne Unger
website development & code; photography Emrys Damon Miller

journal entry by Rocketday