City Green

In 2011, I teamed up with my friend Sam Tallo to support City Green’s water efficiency program. City Green provided citizens with free, high-efficiency faucets for their homes. In the region of Saanich alone, the program would bring a savings each year of 28 million litres of water, nearly a million kilowatt hours of energy, and 85 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions — while citizens also save money on their utilities bills.

Sam and I helped City Green with the naming of the program, then we designed the logo, conducted original photoshoots with Saanich residents, and created a series of posters and cards for the campaign.

photoshoot of Saanich residents

poster to promote the campaign

info card provided to participants

creative direction, graphic design Sam Tallo
graphic design, photography Emrys Damon Miller

journal entry by Emrys